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The Self Cleaning Oven

So, what is the difference between self-cleaning and a normal oven?

In essence, it is a coating that is applied to the walls of the oven, there are 3 types of self-cleaning oven.

Pyrolytic v Catalytic v Steam

But self-cleaning is a little misleading, as with anything there is an element of work involved.

In summary

  • Pyrolytic ovens are simple to use but cost more and take a long time.
  • Catalytic ovens do not absorb sugar, so are best suited to people who don’t bake often.
  • Steam cleaning are more ecological and consume the least energy.


Well they each have their strengths and weaknesses, so here are a few key points for each from the Experts Schmidt

Pyrolytic is a self-cleaning oven that use heat to burn off all debris turning it to ash.

How- Burns the dirt and debris by burning at extremely high temperatures. In excess of 400-500 Degrees. After the clean, just wipe away a fine layer of dust from the oven cavity.

Advantages – eliminates fats and sugars.

Disadvantages – A more expensive oven than other self-cleaning ovens as it demands more insulation and stronger resistance.


Catalytic ovens – Self degreasing oven

How– Has a porous interior wall that are rough to the touch. This type of wall absorbs the cooking grease. The catalysis destroys splashes fat by oxidations when cooking dishes at more the 200 degrees.

Advantages- can be cleaned by switching it on maximum temperature for 15 minutes or so.

Disadvantages- Additional manual cleaning is also required. The walls have a limited lifespan. Abrasive products and scouring products will cause damage to this type of material.


Steam Oven- quick and simple cleaning aid.

How– Like a steam bath, combining evaporation and condensation. The dirt in the oven turns soft and detaches easily making it easier to clean.

Advantages – leave for about 30 minutes, remove and wipe with a sponge or cloth.

Disadvantages– need to clean the oven after use.


In our experience, customers buy the self cleaning oven and then don’t understand how to use the functions. The safest and best advice you should give, is read the manufacturers instructions.

The message is the same. Every 6- 12 month deep clean and valet your oven, with an oven cleaner who can do this professional for you to use a self-cleaning function, followed by maintenance wipe out cleans in between.

Top tips, use the right products and ensure that what you choose, enables you to reduce the toxins in your home, for a safe and happy home for you, your family, and pets. There are many to choose from, but check out the Home Loving Heroes from Home Loving

Georgina Bisby has some amazing Do-‘s and Don’t in her You tube video. She shares some great #cleaningtips for her SMEG range, although the advice is great for all self-cleaning ovens.

Angela Brown also some great top cleaning tips and How it works for a self-cleaning oven or steam cleaning oven. Some great top tips to watch for and some great advice.

But if you want the professionals top tips, send us a message; we would love to answer your questions.


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