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by | Sep 29, 2021

Is a Van Based Business for you?

What are the pro’s and con’s of running a van based business?

Whether you’re looking at being a plumber, coffee on the road, delivery driver, or an oven cleaner, a van-based business is a great way to start your own business, giving you the flexibility and freedom, you need to take back control of your life, so the only question left is this one, why not look at this a bit more?

Oven Loving Van Business in Sidmouth

In relative terms, it is a low-cost start-up option and enables greater access to being self-employed and being your own boss.

The van-based business industry has grown with an increase in the UK economy, generating £56 billion a total of 11% of the total GDPR in Oct 2019 so why not get a slice of the pie!

Here are just a few good reasons why having a van-based business is a good business decision.

  1. Mobile office on the road
  2. Reduced outgoings
  3. Marketing on wheels


Oven Loving van Business view


  • Every day there is a new view out the office window, allowing you to get out into the community
  • Van based businesses are a lower cost option. Running an office or workshop is expensive, with overheads and expenses that don’t exist with the van.
  • Get a branded van taking your marketing with you on the road, free advertising space that travels with you.
  • Growing the fleet and bring more vans onto the road, increasing your business and reach.

Some of the downsides of a van-based business.

  • Maintenance, it is vitally important that the van is well maintained and serviced. If it is off the road, so are you!
  • Your van is your second home, so get the best you can afford and make it comfortable.
  • Access to the internet can be tricky in some places, so make sure you plan for some extra boosting on the road!


There are pro’s cons with starting any business, so make sure you have done your research and make a plan, it really will be worth the time spent on it.

Top tips

  1. Get in touch with someone who is already doing what you want to do and ask some questions, most people are happy to help.
  2. Listen to what you are told, learn from those who have gone before you.
  3. Know your numbers before you invest a penny!
  4. Write a plan or business plan.

Do this and the rest will fall into place.

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