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by | Jul 27, 2021

Why I started my oven cleaning business

Why I started my oven cleaning business

A number of years ago I was working in the corporate world, dealing with redundancies, the daily grind of commuting, and the whole 9-5 job thing (that was really 7-7!).

With difficulty managing important things like the school run and asking for time to go to a sports day,

I realised I didn’t want to miss the family life passing me by. I wanted complete control of my time. It was time to do something and make a change, this change resulted in my setting up an oven cleaning business. I have never looked back.

It often happens that one moment or a conversation can spark a change or an idea. My moment came soon after completing a course at work.

It started me thinking about having a more fulfilled future, one where I could be in more control of my own life, have flexibility every day and have something I could look back on that I could be proud of.  So often I hear people say, “so why an oven cleaning business”,

I say “why not”! 

Oven cleaning has given my family and me the freedom that comes with being more in control of your own life, don’t get me wrong, there are difficult days and decisions to make, but these are few and far between. We didn’t rush into moving from paid but not fully secure employment, we researched, and I even went out and did some work experience to make sure I could do this kind of work. 

I quickly found out.

That starting an Oven Cleaning business was not just about cleaning ovens, it was about reconnecting with myself, as well as the local community whilst creating a business that I could be proud of. It provided me with a challenge, something where I could make the decisions and not be told what to do.

With that came responsibilities, my decisions were final, but with the support of my family, I knew that I could do this. After 2 years of planning, I left my job and started Oven Loving. My wife often reminds me of the first day I came home covered in black spots of carbon and really dirty, but I was happy. She hadn’t seen me come home from work like that in a long time. 

I wanted to share the experience

Starting an oven cleaning business has changed our lives. There were weeks at the beginning where we thought, ‘have we done the right thing? but we always stop and look around and realise that creating Oven Loving is the best decision we have made.

Spending more time with my family

I see my family, my children in their activities, I have the flexibility and security in my job that I wanted,  I meet the most amazing people and hear their stories and make people fall in love with their ovens all over again.

Now I hope to share this story with as many people as I can. Sharing the Oven Loving has been written to give a little insight to the Oven Cleaning industry to see if it is for you, your family, and your lifestyle. 

“It only takes one moment or one conversation to spark a change or an idea.”

You can learn from us and from the mistakes we have made along the way.

Download our FREE ebook and get on our online oven cleaning course and see if Oven Cleaning business really is for you.



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