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by | Aug 21, 2021

Neff Slide and Hide Door Removal

How to remove those difficult Neff hide and slide doors

In this video, we look at how to safely remove a Neff slide and hide oven door. There is nothing to fear with these doors, even though a lot of oven cleaning companies don’t remove them.

Here’s the video, enjoy!


This is a great video to get you going before you move on to the online course, This is also a great preview of what is waiting for you once you have purchased the online course. Check out the free ebook and check out the course.

Instructions to remove the Neff slide and hide door

Open the oven door slightly, roughly 35 degrees to get access to the plastic screws on the side of the oven frame, then turn the plastic screws towards the oven locking the oven door in place. With a small screwdriver move the unlocking device on the hinge up on both sides of the oven, once this. is done you can slightly lift the handle of the Neff slide and hide the door and lift off the oven.

Ten hours of videos similar to the above are waiting for you, to help support your decision on becoming an oven cleaner for your area.

If you have any questions head over to our Youtube page and comment on the video or alternatively message us on our facebook page where we are happy to answer any of your oven cleaning business questions.

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