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Do you want to take back control of your finances and free time

Are you ready to transform your life?

Do you feel like you’re stuck, pondering what to do next?

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Do you want to change your career and have a great work life balance?

Ever wanted to have a career that lets you be your own boss?

Could Oven Cleaning be the career for you?

Hi there, my name is Ian.

A number of years ago I started Oven Loving, a professional oven cleaning specialist.

I want to ask you a question that I get asked all the time by friends, family and clients.

WHY OVEN CLEANING? So, why am I asking you this? Well, if your answer is one of these:

  • More free time
  • More money
  • Work within my community
  • Control of my life
  • Job satisfaction
  • Making customers kitchens and little safer

Then oven cleaning is definitely for you.

I, like you, have dreams and ambitions; they drive, push and motivate me everyday. They have spurred me on to a journey into Oven Cleaning, a journey that begins with a story you may be familiar with…

I used to be stuck in the rat race, in a job with very little security, working 12 hour shifts for little reward and no free time to spend with my young family (missing sports days and nativity plays used to kill me), and all of this with the threat of potential redundancy always lurking.


Set up your oven cleaning business in {location}
with help from experts!

Starting an oven cleaning business can be challenging, but we have the experience and knowledge to help and support you by sharing Oven Loving.

We created the online Oven Cleaning Course to help you make an informed decision and make sure Oven Cleaning is the right career for you, a taster before you invest all your hard earned money into a van and oven cleaning tools and equipment.

With a variety of Oven cleaning training courses to choose from, the Free Ebook and Online Training Course will give you everything you need to to know to make that final decision.  We want you to get the best value at our Oven Cleaning Training Academy with insightful tutorials and tips and tricks of the trade giving you the best start to a career in oven cleaning.

Get the tools to build an oven cleaning business to be proud of.

Over 10 Hours Cleaning Training Tutorials
+ FREE Ebook.

Everything you need to get you on your way to starting your own oven cleaning business.

Is oven cleaning a good business? For us, the answer is YES!

  • We started Oven Loving in 2016 and now have a multi van business
  • You too can earn from £1000 per week up to £70k a year
  • We can help you get there!

Did you know that van based businesses are in high demand with high earning potential with minimum running cost?

Reasons why van based businesses work:

  • Low cost start up
  • Low ongoing cost
  • Office on the road
  • Van markets your service everywhere you go
  • Flexible working patterns

There couldn’t be a better time to start your own oven cleaning business in {location} since Covid-19. More people working from home saving money on travel and looking to spend that spare money on home improvements and upkeep. We have never been busier.

You could be the best oven cleaner in {location}!

Darren says…

See what Darren has to say; after completing the online course he recently joined us for face to face oven cleaning training.

Just completed my online course before deciding if this is a career I want to do. For £99 it was brilliant, very detailed and informative content. Real on the job video’s. Well worth the cost before ploughing £1000’s into a new business. I’m hooked and looking forward to face to face training in March. Thanks guys.

 – A happy customer

Spent 3 days with Ian and Tina at their academy and on the road and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was worried about travelling over 320 miles for the course and if it would be justified but I was glad I did. Was made very welcome and they both couldn’t have been more helpful. Ian has a wealth of knowledge and shows the professional touch when dealing with all customers. I left with more confidence as a result of the course and would highly recommend it.

 – Another happy customer

A two weeks with Ian and Tina at the oven training academy has given me the enthusiasm to really start to look at making this my future career. Followed up with going out on the road to actually experience everything involved in the methods of working on the ovens, Ian explains everything as he goes along, what to use and what not to use on different surfaces to avoid any accidental damage, little tips he has learned from his own experience, interacting with customers and basically everything involved in getting the job done. It’s amazing watching customers’ reactions when he’s finished. Tina is a wealth of information on the startup process with great advice and very understanding and patient with all the questions I have thrown at her. Ian and Tina have given me the confidence that I could actually do this on my own after 40 years working for someone else. There’s also the peace of mind that they will be there for support when you’re off on your own.

– Ian, Owner of Oven Loving Sidmouth


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