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Is oven cleaning a good job?

There are a few considerations to answer the question, is oven cleaning a good job?

Are you:

  • setting up your own oven cleaning business?
  • working for a company as an oven cleaner?
  • working for someone as self-employed?

Is oven cleaning a good job? Let’s take a look at what exactly is an Oven Cleaner and what do they do, this will help you understand the industry better to make the right decision before you set up a business or start working as an oven cleaner.

What does an oven cleaner do?

A great Oven Cleaner can make people fall in love with their ovens all over again, you ensure that the oven is safe in the home for the whole family. 

Your training is really important

Being a professionally trained Oven Cleaner is someone who comes to your house equipped with the latest tools and products to deal with the dirt, grime, grease, and carbon build-up within your oven, preventing it from smoking and producing the smell of last year’s Christmas dinner, whilst reducing the risk of a fire in the oven.

Oven Cleaners must provide an excellent customer experience and offer advice on how to maintain the oven and accessories, whilst being respectful and trustworthy in customers’ homes. 

An Oven Cleaner saves the customer time

On average clients can spend 5 hours scrubbing, getting dirty, hurting their knees, and possibly damaging the floor and surrounding cupboards whilst spending 24 hours waiting for shop-bought products to work on shelves and trays.

Oven Cleaning Training Dirty Oven

A Professional Oven Cleaner uses the right products for the job

If you have used shop-bought products you will switch on the oven after you have spent hours cleaning and still notice that same familiar stench and that the oven is still smoking! You might contemplate if you should cook in it after all the chemicals you have put in it, the smell and smoke!

Or should you just give a professional a call?

Treat customers homes and ovens with respect

Customer’s ovens can be very expensive, and they’re also essential to every family and kitchen. Mostly every kitchen has one, sometimes two, but not everyone can clean their oven to a professional standard and these days people are so busy with work and families, they are time-poor and cleaning the oven is the last thing on their mind.

So, is oven cleaning a good job? Let look at some positives reasons to become an oven cleaner and why I started my own business

The best way to work out if something is the right or wrong career move for you is to write a list of positives and negatives. Too many negatives and it’s not for you More positives, then what’s holding you back?

Here are a few positives: 

  • Low-cost setup, depending on the path you choose either as an Independent or Franchise
  • Everyone has an oven, therefore everyone is a potential client
  • You can earn from £200 to £400 per day working 9 to 5, you get out what you put in and the more hours you work the more you earn.
  • Flexible working hours, working around family or hobbies, or even a second income.  Perhaps you work for the public services but need to increase your income. Oven Cleaning is the perfect option. You can easily work around your current work hours. Clients always want evening appointments or weekend slots.
  • If you have a family, you can do the school runs, see more of your kids attend the sports days and school presentation events. (if that’s what you really want).
  • You don’t have to work full time but can still earn a good wage. I earned 24k working a 4-hour day from Monday to Friday in my first year. 
  • Working within your community without the dreaded commute to work, saving you time and money.

Even more positives

  • Easy to grow, easy to upscale, easy to get other people trained and working for you or even franchise your own Oven Cleaning business
  • Easy to automate the appointments and accounts. The clients can control an online diary making it easy for them to re-book with no marketing required
  • Repeat business, “that’s worth repeating”, repeat business. Clients will book in again and again with you if they trust you and you do a good job
  • It’s a manual job, so you will be improving your fitness 
  • Fixed prices, no need to visit to quote


Here are a few negatives:

  • It can be a dirty job.
  • It’s a manual process 
    First few months may be tough, but not if you follow the guidance you get from our online course and /or one of our training programs. Check out what we can offer you to help support your oven cleaning business:

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Is oven cleaning a good job? From our point of view, it’s the best industry to be in. Working hard and earn a great income whilst meeting some amazing people within my community. I consider myself very lucky to have found an industry I love and built a multi van business.

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