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by | Sep 7, 2021

Is an oven cleaning business worth it?

Is an oven cleaning business the right choice for you? and is it worth it?

It’s a tough job, but someones got to do it. Buts that’s why an oven cleaning business is so great. There is plenty of opportunity for growth and expansion because no one really wants to clean their own oven.

To find out if the oven cleaning business is right for you, we have created an online course. With 10 hours of videos show different types of ovens. You can find the course here

So, is an oven cleaning business worth it? Once you have spent your hard-earned money on a van, tools, and products. What can you expect back? Let be sensible here, the first 9 months are the toughest financially, until your new clients start to find you and find you they will with our help.

What can you potentially earn from an oven cleaning business?

Oven Cleaning is a way to earn as much as you want without limits or have as much flexibility as you need. The only barrier is the effort and time you put into developing your business.

The average earning for each oven is approximately £70 (depending on how much you charge per oven), the average cost ‘including marketing cost, gas, diesel, products, blades, tools, towels, marketing, software, and accountants fees and running cost is £4 per oven, that’s an average profit of approximately £66, minus wages and taxes.

Multiply that by 3 jobs a day and you have a profit of £198. This doesn’t include hobs, extractors, splashbacks, microwaves, and BBQs, which clients will want to be cleaned at the same time without any extra costs to you.

“Within your first year you should be aiming to earn between £24 and £36k, the second year £48k+ with £70k achievable with just one van”


Research other local oven cleaning business

These are based on minimum prices and should only be used as guidelines. Research other companies in your area.

You don’t want to undercut other companies to gain business, but you do want to keep things competitive. Go too high and you price yourself out of the market, go too low and you undercut your potential income.

A good way to maximise your time and earning potential is to have a minimum booking charge. Be clear and upfront with the client and ensure to have this written and visible to customers in your terms and conditions. 

If you calculate you need a minimum of £30 to cover your expenses and make some profit on each job, then advertise your services with a minimum booking fee of £30 for all services.

For more information on running and setting up your own oven cleaning business download our free ebook

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