Oven Cleaning Training Academy: Enabling people to grow a successful oven cleaning business

by | Aug 25, 2021

How do I start my own oven cleaning business?

How to become a professional oven cleaner and start an oven cleaning business of my own?

Some people start an oven cleaning business without any experience and knowledge of the Oven Cleaning industry, this is the easiest or the best way to start any business.

You can learn through oven cleaners who offer hands-on training. This can be in the form of a shadowing session for 1-5 days.

These are great to gain experience on the day-to-day work. We offer this as part of our franchisee training.

Also, we have a workshop where you can look at and take apart a number of ovens and provide experience in a practical and safe learning space as well as real-life experience in customer’s homes.

The perfect start for your business.

Starting your own oven cleaning business

Start by downloading our ebook and progress through it at your own pace and in your own time. Get access to our online course and use it to refer back to. It will help you when you are on the road cleaning ovens.

Maybe you will need reminding how to remove a door, or the best way to get those last bits of carbon off of the racks, use our online course forever.

You can cross-reference with our specially designed video courses, why not attend one of our oven cleaning training sessions in our specifically designed workshop. Or spend time out on the road with one of our technicians.

The Oven Cleaning Training Academy is looking to offer training differently by using wider learning methods to suit everyone’s needs.

We also help support you by offering guidance with business and marketing support, how to develop an online presence. Helping you gain the knowledge to create a successful business. 

It all starts with the ebook, it is important to know what is involved from the beginning, it’s a big investment.

Discover a range of cleaning techniques to get the best results every time and as you grow in confidence with each oven. You will get faster and be able to fit in more ovens in your working day.  Supporting you to earning more and building a business to be proud of.


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If you thinking of running your own oven cleaning business or taking on a franchise. We can help you and guide you through the complexities of both.

You might have some questions about oven cleaning, us a message via Facebook and like our page for tips and tricks

We provide high-end training for oven cleaning professionals. Download a FREE e-Book and get yourself on our online oven cleaning course here


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