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by | Aug 17, 2021

Oven Cleaning Franchise

What is a Franchise really all about?

A franchise is a simple relationship between the franchisor who owns the brand the business systems. and the franchisee who purchases the contract to operate an exact copy in a local area.


We have all heard of the big Franchises on the high street, like McDonalds and Subway for example, but did you know that in a report published 2018 from the BFA and NatWest. There were 48,600 franchise units in the UK, a rise of 10% from 2015. There are also 935 business format franchise systems, around double of what there were 20 years ago.

The BFA and NatWest survey also reported that the franchise industry contributes £17.3 billion to the UK GDP, 93% of franchisees claiming profitability and less than 1% of franchisors closing per years due to commercial failure.

This all sounds great, but I you still maybe thinking this most common question;

“Aren’t you just buying a job?”


The reality is very different, let me explain just a few benefits to buying into a tried and tested brand.

  • Proven Business Model –  Tried and tested over years to create the business model you will be buying into, the testing has been done and a streamline business has been created. You can be confident, that if you follow the process, you will succeed.


  • Support – Experts and experience when you need questions answered without judgement, all of this included in your franchise. When in business  you always need support, so to have it on tap and when you need it, it a big plus to success.


  • Training – Continued learning and bespoke training throughout the life of your franchise, not just for the oven cleaning, but for the business development side too.


  • Growth – Multi van or multiple territory is possible, take your business and grow, using the Proven Business Model, Support and Training, anything is possible.


In Business for Yourself – Not by Yourself!

Supported business models like a franchise offer you all the groundwork, you can get you going quicker, and you can see financial results quicker too. There is something to be said in having someone at the end of the phone or email that can assist you with the issues whilst on the job or in the back end of the business.

Ultimately the costs will be about the same, you just spend the money at different points.

Our Free eBook, Sharing Oven Loving looks more at the costs and shares some hints and tips on how we started, helping you understand what is involved.


Low Risk on Investment

Always wanted to be your own boss and have your own business, what is holding you back, ultimately the risk is juts to high, financially or a personal block is stopping you going it alone.

If you get passed this, you start looking all you need to do to get going, thinking of a name, designing the artwork, building a website, finding the funding and so on…

…the proven business model can help you and hold your hand through this minefield of emotions, with tried and tested business models failure rates of less than 5% over 5 years compared with non franchise small business where failure rates are as high as 91% in their first year of trading.


So what is Franchising all about?

It’s about being part of something bigger but doing it for yourself. Taking back control of your own journey, and doing it with confidence and knowing that when you need it, the support it there.

We want you to be successful and share in your story.

The journey starts here, download your Oven Loving Discovery pack to find out more about your Oven Loving Franchise

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